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Growing Up with Dogs Makes Us Better People

Growing Up with Dogs Makes Us Better People

Is it possible that growing up with a dog can instill in us virtues like patience, empathy, an understanding of love and loss, and the deep satisfaction that comes with commitment? Dogs not only bring joy and laughter into our lives but also silently weave into us life lessons through their companionship. They teach us to slow down, to appreciate their unconditional bond, and to embrace life’s simplest moments that aggregate over time into thematic childhood memories. 

Here's my list of the key ways that dogs enrich our lives and despite how much we think we do for them... how really they make us, better people.

Responsibility and Care: The daily rituals of feeding, grooming, walking, and cleaning up for a dog transcend tasks. These acts teach us how to be nurturing and attentive.  For a child, these duties are first lessons in how to care for another life - an initial dose of what it feels like when another being solely relies on you for its care. The rhythmic patterns of a dog's life - the regular walks, the scheduled feedings - are not just routines but are rituals that teach discipline, priorities and time-management. They are daily reminders of the importance of structure and consistency in our own lives.

Empathy and Compassion: Dogs, in their sweet simplicity, are canvases of pure emotion. Learning to read and respond to these emotions (excitement, anger, hunger) is an exercise in tuning into someone other than ourselves - teaching us empathy - a lesson in understanding the unspoken needs and feelings of others.

Social Skills and Friendship: Navigating the social world with a dog by one's side is like walking with a bridge builder, connecting us to others. Dogs create shared experiences, forge common bonds, and bring diverse people together. They teach us that we may disagree on many things, but we can find a common ground.

Coping with Loss and Grief: The inevitable arc of a dog's life is a poignant narrative on the transience of our own existence. Dealing with their aging and eventual loss often marks a person's first experience with grief, teaching us to hold memories close and to learn from the pain of parting.

Appreciation of Nature and Outdoors: A dog's inherent pull towards the outdoors invites us into a world beyond walls, fostering a relationship with the natural world. Their simple joy in the elements becomes a celebration of nature's beauty, urging us to embrace an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Unconditional Love and Joy: The unadulterated affection of a dog is a lesson in love's purest form. It's a love that asks for nothing but gives everything, a reminder of the joy in loving someone all the way - without our own self consciousness holding us back.

Non-Verbal Communication: In the silent language of a dog - a wagging tail, a tilted head, a perked ear - we learn as children the art of nonverbal communication. These silent dialogues enhance our ability to understand and connect without words.

Patience and Perseverance: Training a dog - even if it's to learn a small command as children often like to teach - is a testament to patience & the rewards of repetition to achieve a goal. It's a journey filled with trials and triumphs, reinforcing the value of persistent, loving effort.

These facets of life with a dog - especially when we're children - weave into the fabric of our being, shaping our character, molding our values, and subtly guiding our perspective towards a more nurturing, responsible, and empathetic worldview. 


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