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How to Train Your Dog Not to Jump

How to Train Your Dog Not to Jump

Does this look familiar? An innocent guest enters the house and is enthusiastically bombarded by your well-meaning pup?

Here's some tips on how to train this tendency into yesteryear.

First things first: You.

You're the pack leader, of course it starts with you! As hard as it is - when you walk through the door: ignore, ignore, ignore. No affection, no petting. Walk right in, walk right past, and pretend your pup is not there.

Caution! This is not easy but if you are diligent, it won't last forever. Through repetition, your dog will understand that they are not given affection when you walk through the door and especially if they jump all over you. Once they have calmed down a bit, use the 'sit' command and give them a treat and lots of love when they sit. This reinforces that good behavior = love and treats. They'll get it!

Now the harder part. Guests.

For serious jumpers, when guests arrive, I suggest putting your dog on a leash. When the door opens, put your body in front of the dog creating a boundary between your guest and the dog.

For less aggressive jumpers, when guests arrive, commanding your dog to 'sit' and 'stay', and using your body as a boundary between your guest and the dog, should do the trick.

As your dog sits and stays, ask your guests to walk right past your dog - no petting. After the guest walks past, reward your dog with love and treats when they sit and not until they sit.

Keep your dog focused on you.

When the dog is calm, walk your dog over to the guest, command them to 'sit' and reward them with love and treats. If your dog is on a leash, wait until they are completely calm- then take them off leash.

Easier said then done! But Remember:

  • Dogs thrive on your affection... and treats - use these to reward good behavior.
  • Even a happy voice or a little petting is a reward - hold these back until your dog behaves.
  • Consistency is key. Do it again, and again, and again until your dog is the perfect angel they were born to be. 🐕 😇

    Good luck and happy tails!

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