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How to Manage Pet Hair

How to Manage Pet Hair

FÜZI Founder Kris Leigh (AKA KIKI) sits down with Angela Brown 'ASK A HOUSECLEANER' to talk all things pet hair and why The FÜZI Bed is the best choice for you and your pet.

Show notes: 

Today's topic why pets having their own bed can keep your house cleaner, is graced by the expertise of two remarkable guests, Kris Leigh, the brilliant mind behind FUZI Pet Bed Company. With their extensive knowledge and passion for creating cozy havens for furry companions, Kris is here to shed light on the often underestimated connection between pets having their own beds and maintaining a pristine living space. In this episode, we'll explore the multifaceted benefits of providing your pets with a designated resting place:

Hygiene and Allergens: Kris will break down how a pet bed can act as a barrier, reducing the spread of fur, dander, and potential mess around your home. They'll discuss materials, designs, and cleaning tips that promote a healthier environment for both pets and humans.

Organization and Order: Our guest will share practical insights on how pet beds contribute to an organized home. You'll discover how establishing a specific spot for your furry friend can help prevent their belongings from scattering all over the house.

Behavior and Comfort: Learn how a comfortable and cozy pet bed can positively impact your pet's behavior. Kris will delve into the psychological aspects, explaining how a sense of ownership over their own space can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation in pets.

Training and Boundaries: Our experts will offer advice on how incorporating a pet bed into your training regimen can help establish boundaries and routines. Discover how this simple addition can enhance your pet's understanding of their role within your household.

Design Integration: Kris understands that aesthetics matter. She'll share creative ideas for seamlessly integrating pet beds into your home's interior design, ensuring that your pet's comfort complements your personal style.

Throughout the episode, Kris will draw from her experience as a pet bed designer to provide actionable tips, heartwarming anecdotes, and practical solutions that cater to various pet sizes and breeds. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner looking to elevate your home's cleanliness or a new pet parent seeking guidance, "Why Pets Having Their Own Bed Can Keep Your House Cleaner" is a must-listen. Tune in as we uncover the secrets to harmonious and tidy coexistence between pets and their human companions.

FÜZI Pets, the leader in luxury dog furniture, makes elevated pet beds for large dogs, raised pet beds for medium dogs and chew proof, washable dog beds for small dogs.

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