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FÜZI PETS Featured in New York Weekly

FÜZI PETS Featured in New York Weekly

FÜZI Pets: Redefining Luxury Pet Living in the Heart of Brooklyn

With a corporate and product background that includes collaborations with renowned brands (Pottery Barn, Disney, and Joann’s, among others), FÜZI Pets brings a wealth of expertise and style to the table. But what truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to building a vibrant community of pet lovers, who, by the way, are already raving about the luxe pet beds: 

“The first bed my dog happily jumps into, no “go to bed” training needed.”—Liz 

My dog has always been a bit picky of beds but the moment he got this bed he was so happy!”—Regan and Butters 

“It fits the style of our bedroom so perfectly and I think even completes the whole design of the room.”—Tori, Remi, and Juneau 

KIKI and KOKO even bring pet-friendly life to the party with dog-centric events where humans and their companions can socialize together, making new friends and strengthening the pet-loving community. Their May events included a Cinco de Mayo pre-party, where attendees could win a free FÜZI bed for their furry friend, and a sip-and-sniff at the Marianella Market, boasting champagne and dog treats, a delightful photo booth for the darndest cute portraits, and yet another FÜZI Bed giveaway.  

The passion and enthusiasm of this dynamic duo shed light on an overwhelming pet lover problem: traditional dog beds often leave our beloved companions confined to the floor, longing for a place closer to us. The compromise is that we often sacrifice our fine furnishings so our pets can cozy up with us.  

FÜZI Pets recognized this need and set out to reinvent the concept of pet furniture. With some innovation and lots of style, they brought us the FÜZI bed—a game-changer in the world of pet comfort and aesthetics. With its elegant and modern luxe design, the FÜZI bed effortlessly blends into any home decor, elevating both style and comfort. Gone are the days of shaggy, dust-gathering beds that are, at best, a chore to clean. FÜZI beds present a practical and washable construction, ensuring a hygienic environment for both pets and their owners. It’s the perfect blend of function and fashion that keeps pets happy in style. 

No more plebian floor sleeping for our best friends.  

It’s only been six short months, and FÜZI Pets has already left an indelible mark on the pet industry. The brand has quickly expanded its reach, with products now available through an online store, as well as retail giants like Amazon and Walmart, and more locations lined up for the holiday season. And the journey has only just begun.  

FÜZI Pets envisions a future where pet owners can seamlessly integrate their furry companions’ comfort into their everyday lives without sacrificing their own fine furnishings or compromising on aesthetics. The brand’s unwavering dedication to creating exceptional products is matched by its commitment to fostering a sense of community, aiming to connect and inspire pet lovers around the world. 

For New Yorkers, FÜZI Pets has become more than just a luxurious pet lifestyle brand; it is a welcome face of entrepreneurship and style. By reimagining pet furniture and bringing it to the next level, FÜZI Pets has elevated the bond between pets and their owners, creating a harmonious blend of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. With their online presence firmly established and further retail locations on the horizon, FÜZI Pets is poised to revolutionize the way we pamper our four-legged friends. 



 FÜZI Pets, the leader in luxury dog furniture, makes elevated pet beds for large dogs, raised pet beds for medium dogs and chew proof, washable dog beds for small dogs. Available at www.fuzipets.com.

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