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Animals Today Loves The FÜZI Bed!

Animals Today Loves The FÜZI Bed!

FÜZI recently partnered with Dr. Lori Kirshner of Animals today who tested the FÜZI Bed and gave it a glowing personal review as well as a spot on her podcast on July 24th.

"You wouldn’t put a mattress on the ground…So why do we make our furry children sleep on floor beds that gather dust and dirt?

Pets are our babies - let FÜZI help you lift them up! 

Recently, we got The FÜZI Bed for our pups and they love it. 

The FÜZI bed is a new type of elevated pet bed that lifts your furry family off the floor with a sleek, metal, chew-resistant base and provides comfort and support with an uber-plush, washable bolster bed that attaches on top. 

Say goodbye to frumpy floor beds, and hello to height, style and comfort with The FÜZI Bed, the ultimate Pet Bed for your number one fur child." 

Lori serves as President of Advancing the Interests of Animals (AIA). She founded the organization, previously named Desert Paws, in 2001. Lori provides leadership and energy to AIA, and guided it from an organization primarily focused on domestic animals to one which advocates for all animals around the globe. This is encompassed in the mission of AIA:  To improve the lives of animals and to encourage compassion and respect for all living beings. Lori is also host of Animals Today, a nationally syndicated radio show now in its eighth year, that explores how animals are treated in society and advocates for their well-being.


 FÜZI Pets, the leader in luxury dog furniture, makes elevated pet beds for large dogs, raised pet beds for medium dogs and chew proof, washable dog beds for small dogs.  Available at www.fuzipets.com

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