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Reinforcing Good Behavior in Dogs

Reinforcing Good Behavior in Dogs

Housebreaking - Triangle Method: Transitioning your puppy to outside

The housebreaking triangle method involves creating a predictable routine for your puppy to follow, making use of their natural tendencies to avoid soiling their sleeping, eating areas, and or areas of the home.  

  1. Find a designated outside potty area.

Being consistent with a designated potty area is key to housebreaking your pup.  This space should be an area in your yard or public space that can be consistently designated for potty breaks.

  1. Be consistent with your command.

Stick with a command such as “go potty” and reward as soon as they go.  Leash to control before, during, and after to ensure control.

     3. Supervise your puppy.

Supervising your pup when training them to the designated potty area is important to ensure they are understanding the command and routine.  Puppies need to go potty frequently, especially after eating, drinking, and waking up from a nap. Take them out every two to three hours in the beginning, and gradually lengthen the time between potty breaks as they become more reliable.         

     4. Play Time.

Allow for 1 hour of supervised play time inside after elimination.   Keep your puppy in a controlled environment inside so you can monitor and ensure they stay safe.   When the hour is up, place your puppy back in the crate for about 3 hours.  Repeat the process and with time lengthen time out of the crate and shorten time back in the crate until fully housebroken

      5. Crating

When you are unable to supervise your puppy, keep them in a crate or playpen with enough space to move but not enough to lie down and soil. Dogs are naturally den animals and will avoid going potty in their crate or playpen, assuming it's the den. 

      6. Feeding

Feed your puppy at set times and take them outside to the designated potty area shortly after each meal. With time, you should be able to predict when they will need to go based on when they ate and drank.

      7. Praise

When your puppy successfully goes potty outside in the designated area, praise (with an enthusiastic voice) and reward them with a treat. This helps establish the connection between going outside and being rewarded.

By following these steps in a consistent manner, your puppy should eventually learn to go potty outside and understand their designated potty area. It is important to stay patient and consistent in your training efforts, and to give your puppy plenty of opportunities to succeed.


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